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Power of Mahila Ayog can be understood from the fact that as soon as a crime by any woman is reported the whole social media is flooded by pressure groups but when you start looking for purush aayog address in delhi then you may find dharna/ protest gangs seeking donations in delhi in the name of purush aayog and fleecing people to believe that government has started a purush aayog, purush helpline, purush mantralaya, national commission for men, rashtriya purush aayog, purush suraksha samanvay smiti or the same but these so called NGO’s for men are not true men rights activists MRA’s because they are simply seeking donations, trying to form their presence felt despite knowing that any purush aayog won’t ever be formed in India or purush aayog in delhi so aturchatur counseling may kindly request these groups to stop publicizing the videos of harassed men on social media otherwise such men or their families may feel pressurized to commit suicide so they must rather contact purush aayog delhi and find solace in real help team from man cell in delhi.


National Men’s Commission or a Commission for the welfare of men in Delhi is not required in absolute terms because of two reasons viz.,

(a)       There are already provisions in the law to punish bad cops, bad judges and bad wives under the law and wives are not getting punished in India is not an excuse. Purush of India need to fight if they want desired results, and

(b)       Men Commission, Ministry for Men or Purush Aayog in Delhi India will never be formed and it’s not required as men were never persecuted in history like sati pratha or other social evils due to which women/ girls were persecuted so it’s a futile exercise by attention seekers and donation seekers to arrange dharnas/ protests in the name of purush aayog in delhi


How many members in National Men's Commission/ Purush Aayog

(1)       One Man Army in Purush Aayog Address in Delhi

(2)       Understanding of CrPC and IPC

(3)       Lodging a FIR against all witnesses of a wife

(4)       FIR against mother, brother, sister and father of wife


Where is National Men Commission of India

National Commission for Men in India or Purush Aayog address of delhi is an online assistance firm available at:- 9873540498 & aturchatur@yahoo.com

(a)       Search for the address of men cell in delhi

(b)       Visit Men Cell Org or the website Man Cell Org

(c)       For Social Stigma one may visit address of Social Stigma dot IN

(d)       Counselling address of purush aayog by atur chatur to be contacted

(e)       Men Helpline Number for Purush Aaayog in Delhi

(f)            Consultation on phone with Purush Aayog Team Members in Delhi

(g)       Acting on advises of Men Cell or Purush Aayog

(h)       Implementation and Enforceability of Judgments and Human Rights

(i)             Counter Attack on false case filing girl/ lady/ woman

(j)            Bailable or NBW issuance and Passport Impounding of Wife based on

(k)       Arrest Warrant Against Wife


Purush Aayog Delhi Contact Number

Purush Aayog Delhi may be contacted at phone number:- 9873540498

(1)       This contact number of purush aayog may be called

(2)       Visit the website of purush aayog at atur chatur counseling in delhi

(3)       Get purush aayog helpline number in Delhi


Divorce Assistance by Purush Aayog in Delhi

For any type of divorce assistance, one may visit divorce expert in 498a consultant by purush aayog based on these steps

(a)       There is no shortcut for divorce

(b)       File mutual contested divorce petition

(c)       Approach OP Gang

(d)       File TEP on Wife and In-laws

(e)       Use RTI Act at your best disposal


Where is Purush Aayog in Chennai

In Chennai or Madras, there can be contacted chennai purush aayog which may assist in breaking false cases with following steps:-

(i)                Contact purush aayog in Chennai

(ii)               Get assistance on the phone

(iii)             Get write-ups prepared

(iv)             Enforce the written assistance

(v)              File divorce and counters against opposite party

(vi)             File RTI’s with the help of rti consultants helping men rti to fight false arrest

(vii)           Arrange and collect evidences

(viii)          File CrPC 91

(ix)             Use Perjury and malicious prosecution

(x)              Do NOT allow advocate of wife in 498a


How to cancel FIR with the help of Purush Aayog

FIR against husband can be closed using assistance of purush aayog email address in delhi i.e., aturchatur@yahoo.com

(A)      Challenge the FIR

(B)      If FIR got converted into Charge Sheet, then challenge CS

(C)      Do NOT allow matter to be moved into trial

(D)      Challenge illegal framing of charges

(E)       Find lacunae in charge sheet

(F)       Press the charges/ counter attacks against the wife

(G)      Get FIR cancelled or nullified without stepping out of your house

(H)      Stay protected from arrest/ arbitrary arrest of false arrest

(I)            Use LTR Protection from False Cases

(J)        Non Resident Husband may get FIR quashed using NRI Quash service by purush aayog by atur chatur in delhi

(K)      Charge Sheet should not be copy paste otherwise challenge the CHARGESHEET

(L)       And finally contact the men cell guys from team purush aayog address in delhi at MAN HELP DELHI


Purush Aayog Delhi Helpline Number

Delhi Men Commission Contact number for the address of men/ man cell in Delhi may be available at PURUSH AAYOG DELHI HELPLINE NUMBER 9873540498 and they must follow these ways and strategies to get out of this mess of false cases.

(a)       Call Helpline Number of Men Cell in Delhi at 9873540498

(b)       Get Phone consultation

(c)       Arrange for the breaking of false complaint of wife

(d)       File a Lego-Technical Representation

(e)       Close false DV and 498a

(f)            Do NOT allow maintenance based on false 125 CrPC

(g)       Do NOT file WS in Maintenance

(h)       Do NOT submit your Income Statement

(i)             Instead file arrest warrant against wife

(j)            Catch the fake bills of the wife

(k)       File fraud court case against wife and her witnesses/ instigators

(l)             Helpline Number of Purush Aayog in Delhi may be shown the proofs

(m)     File counter attack on OP gang based on advise of purush aayog

(n)       Get help from contact number of purush ayog in delhi like there are helplines for men in other states also such as:-

(o)       Rajasthan Purush Aayog

(p)       Punjab Men Cell

(q)       Man Cell in Tamil Nadu, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh

(r)        Based on helpline, use assistance also for rti to fight false criminal case

(s)       And check for quashing of fir grounds

(t)            Haryana based Helpline for Purush Aayog may be contacted at phone number 9873540498 and email : aturchatur@yahoo.com

(u)       Haryana Purush Ayog link is available at:- Haryana Purush Aayog


Can 498a FIR be quashed by PURUSH AAYOG

Purush Aayog may certainly assist in quashing guidance for a NRI and online matrimonial sites are used by such criminals to target non resident Indian boys but this 498a FIR can be quashed without advocate and without coming to India by contacting atur chatur from India.

(1)       Get Phone consultation

(2)       Discuss evidences

(3)       Collect more evidences using RTI and CrPC 91

(4)       Use Order XI Rule 14 in civil court for production of documents

(5)       File a SC Judgments based representation

(6)       File a pre-quash LTR without going back to India

(7)       Keep immigration issues at bay

(8)       Avoid LOC and passport/ travel restrictions gifts

(9)       These gifts are received by filing bail or quash by NRI husband



Call:         9873540498

Email:      aturchatur@yahoo.com